Farrukh Javed

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One-month old calli of two indica rice genotypes, i.e., Basmati-370 and Basmati-Kashmir were subjected to two iso-osmotic concentrations (−0.57 MPa and −0.74 MPa) created with 50 and 100 mol m−3 NaCl or 10 and 18% solutions of PEG-8000. Both genotypes tolerated only low levels of stress and showed severe growth suppression at −0.74 MPa. The degree of stress(More)
Spectrum sensing is being widely researched as the key tool used by the cognitive radios to gain awareness of their surrounding radio environment. Non-parametric spectrum sensing techniques such as energy detection and cyclostationary feature detection are preferred over the parametric techniques because any practical visualisation of cognitive radios would(More)
The research work was carried out to study the effect of sucrose induced osmotic stress on callus growth and biochemical aspects of two wheat genotypes (S-24 and MH-97). The seeds were cultured on Linsmaier and Skoog medium containing 30g sucrose, 8g agar, 5mg L thiamine HCl and 3mg L 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. One month old calli were subcultured for(More)
The paper suggests a radio mode identification algorithm for spectrum sensing that utilizes time frequency analysis and digital image processing techniques to identify various transmission parameters of the primary users. Identification of the spectral holes within the frequency band under observation has been of major interest in the research on spectrum(More)
Wireless LANs (WLANs) carry a diversemix of traffic, ranging from delay-sensitive real-time applications to bulk transfers. Using existing QoS mechanisms in high speed WLANs (e.g., 802.11n/ac) presents a tradeoff between maximizing the performance of real-time applications and achieving high throughput. We propose SlickFi, a service differentiation scheme(More)
GARCH model has gained popularity during the last two decades, because of their ability to capture non-linear dynamics in the real life data which we often observe especially in financial markets. This paper discuss four common information criteria (AIC, AICc, BIC and HQ) and their ability of correct selection in the presence of GARCH effect, based on their(More)
Air interface operation of the CRs can be classified into two main functions. One is the sensing or RF Spectrum scanning function and the second is communication or transceiver function. These two functions are performed by a single physical air interface i.e., antenna or antenna arrays and their allied RF circuitry, through interleaving or TDM. This(More)
For developing countries like Pakistan, the paucity of reliable solar radiation data necessitates the development of empirical models. To develop such a model one could use various parameters. In this study, linear regression models are developed to estimate the monthly average daily global radiation using cloudiness data for Karachi, Pakistan for the(More)
We consider layered decode-forward (DF) cooperation in a relay-aided wireless multicast network. Splitting the source-message into two equal layers, we provide unequal power allocation to the individual layers through a simple mapping operation on a QAM constellation. The layering process thus allows the destinations to partially recover the message from(More)
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