Farrukh Aslam Khan

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A survey on intrusion detection of wireless sensor network (China, 4–6 Dec V Matyas, Improving intrusion detection systems for wireless sensor networks. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) provides a solution to this problem by analysing the network in order to detect abnormal behaviour of the sensor node(s). Abstract: The field of intrusion detection has(More)
A highly efficient Binary PSO based cryptanalysis approach for four-rounded DES is presented. Several optimum keys are generated in different runs of the algorithm on the basis of their fitness value and finally, the real key is found by guessing every individual bit. The robustness of the proposed technique is also checked for eight-rounded DES. Our(More)
Keywords: Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) Multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) Clustering Cluster-head (CH) Energy-efficient networks Load balance factor a b s t r a c t A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is dynamic in nature and is composed of wirelessly connected nodes that perform hop-by-hop routing without the help of any fixed infrastructure.(More)
In recent years, Body Area Networks (BANs) have gained immense popularity in the domain of healthcare as well as monitoring of soldiers in the battlefield. Security of a BAN is inevitable as we secure the lives of soldiers and patients. In this paper, we propose a security framework using Keyed-Hashing Message Authentication Code (HMAC-MD5) to protect the(More)
Wireless body area networks (WBANs) are formed by using tiny health monitoring sensors on the human body in order to collect and communicate the human personal data. WBANs serve as a solution to facilitate the tasks performed in the medical sector, and minimize the chances of errors during the process of medical diagnosis. Due to the unreliable wireless(More)
Vehicle cloud is a new idea that uses the benefits of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and the concept of cloud computing to provide better services to the community. It is important to secure a sensor network to achieve better performance of the vehicle cloud. Wireless sensor networks are a soft target for intruders or adversaries to launch lethal attacks(More)