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Severe presacral bleeding is a troublesome and potentially life-threatening complication during low anterior or abdominoperineal resection. We believe that suturing or cauterization should not be used since this will perpetuate the problem of bleeding in most instances. We recommend the use of hemostatic agents plus laparotomy sponges for compression to(More)
Many organizations—including academic, research, commercial institutions—have invested heavily in setting up High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities for running computational science applications. On the other hand, the Apache Hadoop software—after emerging in 2005— has become a popular, reliable, and scalable open-source framework for processing(More)
In ∼60% of cases, hepatic artery anatomy is of the normal variant. However, in 40% of cases, anomalies can exist. Preserving the hepatic blood supply is paramount in hepatobiliary procedures. We report an aberrant right hepatic artery coursing retroportally, with an aberrant left hepatic artery originating directly from the coeliac artery in a patient who(More)
Small bowel diverticulosis of the jejunum and ileum is an uncommon finding with a prevalence rate of 0.2% to 1.3% at autopsy and 0.3% to 1.9% on small bowel studies. Diagnosis can be difficult because there are no pathognomonic features or clinical symptoms that are specific for small bowel diverticulosis. Though rare, it is critical to keep the possibility(More)
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