Farruh Shahidi

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In this paper the problem of matching Forward Kinematics (FK) motion of a 3 Dimensional (3D) joint chain to the Inverse Kinematics (IK) movement and vice versa has been addressed. The problem lies at the heart of animating a 3D character having controller and manipulator based rig for animation within any 3D modeling and animation software. The seamless(More)
In present paper we introduce the notion of dissipative quadratic stochastic operator and cubic stochastic operator. We prove necessary conditions for dissipativity of quadratic stochastic operators. Besides, it is studied certain limit behavior of such operators. Finally we prove ergodic theorem for dissipative operators. Mathematics Subject(More)
This paper proposed doubly stochastic quadratic operators (DSQOs) for a consensus problem in multi-agent systems. The proposed scheme uses new nonlinear class model of family of quadratic stochastic operators (QSOs) for convergence consensus. The nonlinear model of QSOs plays an important role for reaching consensus. The nonlinear protocols for DSQOs are(More)
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