Farrokh Sharifi

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We examine the use of WiFi repeaters to extend the range of wireless devices employed in confined space search in an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) environment. Confined spaces are often encountered by emergency responders at disaster sites. They typically are too small or hazardous to be searched by humans but may be accessible by rescue robots controlled(More)
Paper-based analytical devices are lightweight, inexpensively produced, effective, and easily disposable; allowing for their suitable implementation in resource-limited areas. They allow effective handling of quantitative analysis in a diverse range of areas, from standard healthcare and environmental monitoring to water quality monitoring. Nonetheless,(More)
Fibrous scaffolds have shown promise in tissue engineering due to their ability to improve cell alignment and migration. In this paper, poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL) fibers are fabricated in different sizes using a microfluidic platform. By using this approach, we demonstrated considerable flexibility in ability to control the size of the fibers. It was shown(More)
Microfluidic technology has provided innovative solutions to numerous problems, but the cost of designing and fabricating microfluidic channels is impeding its expansion. In this work, Shrinky-Dink thermoplastic sheets are used to create multilayered complex templates for microfluidic channels. We used inkjet and laserjet printers to raise a predetermined(More)
Microfibers are becoming increasingly important for biomedical applications such as regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. We have used a microfluidic approach to create polycaprolactone (PCL) microfibers in a controlled manner. Through the variations of the sheath fluid flow rate and PCL concentration in the core solution, the morphology of the(More)
Using a significant quantity of fossil fuels has adverse impacts on our lives and will affect future generations. Additionally, there are limited and decreasing numbers of nonrenewable resources around the world. In contrast, renewable resources are not depleted and provide energy with negligible pollution. Wind energy is one of the more common renewable(More)
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