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A new global isotropy index (GII) is proposed to quantify the configuration independent isotropy of a robot's Jacobian or mass matrix. A new discrete global optimization algorithm is also proposed to optimize either the GII or some local measure without placing any conditions on the objective function. The algorithm is used to establish design guidelines(More)
In this paper the use of a heart-tracking hand support is proposed to allow coronary artery bypass grafting surgery to take place on the beating heart. This method eliminates the tissue damage associated with the use of physical heart stabilizers. To e v aluate whether tasks can be performed on a moving target while the operator's hands are moved with it, a(More)
Good robot performance often relies upon the selection of design parameters that lead to a well conditioned Jacobian or impedance " design " matrix. In this paper, a new design matrix normalization technique is presented to cope with the problem of non-homogeneous physical units. The technique pre and post-multiplies a design matrix by diagonal scaling(More)
This paper introduces an efficient memetic algorithm (MA) combined with a novel local search engine, namely, nested variable neighbourhood search (NVNS), to solve the flexible flow line scheduling problem with processor blocking (FFLB) and without intermediate buffers. A flexible flow line consists of several processing stages in series, with or without(More)