Farrokh R. Farrokhi

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—Recent information theory results have demonstrated the enormous capacity potential of wireless communication systems with multiple transmit and receive antennas. To exploit this potential, a number of space-time architectures have been proposed which transmit parallel data streams, simultaneously and on the same frequency, in a multiple-input(More)
The explosive growth of both the wireless industry and the Internet is creating a huge market opportunity for wireless data access. Limited Internet access, at very low speeds, is already available as an enhancement to some existing cellular systems. However, those systems were designed with the purpose of providing voice services and-at most-short(More)
—In recent years, the ever growing need for higher capacity in wireless systems has fueled the interest in exploiting the spatial dimension—through the use of antennas arrays—to improve the utilization of the available radio spectrum. As a result, a large number of space–time techniques have been proposed wherein arrays are used to mitigate interference and(More)
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