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— Nowadays, vehicle tracking is a vital approach to assist and improve the road traffic control, surveillance and security systems by having the detail of the captured vehicle information. In past, many tracking techniques have been implemented and suffered from the well known 'occlusion' problems. Increasing the accuracy of the tracking algorithm has(More)
Image segmentation is critical for many computer vision and information retrieval systems, and has received significant attention from industry and academia over last three decades. Despite notable advances in the area, there is no standard technique for selecting a segmentation algorithm to use in a particular application, nor even is there an agreed upon(More)
Deaf and dumb people communicate among themselves using sign languages, but they find it difficult to expose themselves to the outside world. This paper proposes a method to convert the Indian Sign Language (ISL) hand gestures into appropriate text message. In this paper the hand gestures corresponding to ISL English alphabets are captured through a webcam.(More)
Soft computing control system have been applied in various applications particularly in the fields of robotics controls. The advantage of having a soft computing controls methods is that it enable more flexibility to the control system compared with conventional model based controls system. Firstly, soft computing methods enable a transfer of human controls(More)