Farouk M. Ali

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Radiofrequency fields of cellular phones may affect biological systems by increasing free radicals, which appear mainly to enhance lipid peroxidation, and by changing the antioxidase activities of human blood thus leading to oxidative stress. To test this, we have investigated the effect of acute exposure to radiofrequency fields of commercially available(More)
The question of whether extremely low frequency magnetic fields can affect biological system has attracted attention. The theoretical possibility of such an interaction is often questioned and the site of interaction is unknown. The influence of extremely low frequency magnetic field of 50 Hz, 5 mTesla on sex hormone status was studied. 60 male albino rats(More)
Most cirrhotics have tyrosinemia and subnormal tyrosine tolerance; in some the ability to metabolizep-hydroxyphenylpyruvic and homogentisic acids is impaired. In previous studies, the initial transamination appeared to be the rate-limiting step. In this study, hepatic tyrosine transaminase activity was compared in liver biopsies from eight noncirrhotic and(More)
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