Farouk Benmeddour

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The aim of this work is to study the fundamental Lamb modes interaction with defects in isotropic plates. For these experimental investigations, symmetrical notches with various depths milled in aluminum plates are considered. Moreover, the incident Lamb wave of a specific mode is generated by means of two identical thin piezoceramic transducers placed at(More)
The interaction of guided waves with non-axisymmetric damages in cylinders is studied. A three dimensional hybrid method involving the classical Finite Element Method (FEM) and the Semi-Analytical Finite Element (SAFE) technique is developed. The damage and its near field are analysed with the standard FEM. Then, eigenmode expansions of the solutions at(More)
The work presented in this paper aims at investigating the ability of acoustic noise correlation technique for railway infrastructure health monitoring. The principle of this technique is based on impulse responses reconstruction by correlation of random noise propagated in the medium. Since wheel-rail interaction constitutes a source of such noise,(More)
Abstract. The aim of this work is to study the fundamental compressional (L(0,1)) Pochhammer-Chree mode interaction with nonaxisymmetric damages in cylinders. To this end, experimental and numerical investigations of non-axisymmetric vertical cracks are considered. A non-contact magnetostrictive device is used for experimental investigations.(More)
A statistical model is proposed to relate the scattering properties of a local heterogeneity in a plate to the statistical properties of scattered and reverberated flexural waves. The contribution of the heterogeneity is isolated through the computation of differential signals consisting of a subtraction of the signals recorded after and before introduction(More)
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