Farooqahamed S Kittur

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An isozyme of pectinase from Aspergillus niger with polygalacturonase activity caused chitosanolysis at pH 3.5, resulting in low-molecular weight chitosan (86%), chitooligosaccharides (COs, 4.8%) and monomers (2.2%). HPLC showed the presence of COs with DP ranging from 2 to 6. Charcoal-Celite chromatography and re-N-acetylation of the COs followed by CD,(More)
The viscosity of a chitosan solution was rapidly lowered in the presence of pectinase from Aspergillus niger at pH 3.0 and 37 degrees C. The low molecular weight chitosans (LMWC) had a molecular weight in the range 20,000-5000 Da. Circular dichroism spectra showed a decrease in the segment of acetylated glucosamine units, whereas X-ray diffraction and(More)
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