Farooq Muhammad

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Autosomal recessive primary microcephaly (MCPH) is characterized by reduced head circumference (<or=4 SD) and mental retardation without any other neurological manifestation. Of the four identified MCPH genes, homozygous truncating mutations in ASPM (MCPH5) account for >50% of all reported families. In spite of the high frequency of MCPH in Pakistan only(More)
Prion diseases are fatal transmissible neurodegenerative diseases of humans and various vertebrate species. In their natural hosts these conditions are characterised by prolonged incubation times prior to the onset of clinical signs of terminal disease. Accordingly, tractable models of mammalian prion disease are required in order to better understand the(More)
Drosophila have emerged as a model system to study mammalian neurodegenerative diseases. In the present study we have generated Drosophila transgenic for ovine PrP (prion protein) to begin to establish an invertebrate model of ovine prion disease. We generated Drosophila transgenic for polymorphic variants of ovine PrP by PhiC31 site-specific germ-line(More)
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