Farooq Ahmed

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Surveillance is an important need for a secured and supervised environment. Manual supervision for the purpose of surveillance proves to be expensive and prone to slipups. Many researchers have worked to provide an automated solution to this problem. In this article, we present a solution to this problem using image moments and recurrent neural networks.(More)
Systematic reviews are essential in summarising evidence and providing an indication of its strength and direction. This is why they often inform clinical decision making. Although the quantity of reviews published is increasing, concerns about their quality may sometimes be questioned. This paper highlights the aspects of systematic review methodology that(More)
  • Farooq Ahmed
  • 2011
O ur greatest technological accomplishments, from space travel to nuclear power and the creation of the Internet, stand as testaments to the scientific process and mankind's ability to reason. These advances , however, have been matched with equally spectacular technological catastrophes. " Scientists and technologists are rational in principle, " explains(More)
Solid State Disks (SSDs) are replacing hard disks due to enhancement in speed and reduction in size, power and cost. It is an obvious choice for many applications including personal computers, embedded systems, medical and healthcare devices etc. However, a lot of enhancement and research is required in order to make it reliable. SSD uses Flash technology(More)
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