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Computer programming is the core of computer science curriculum. Several programming languages have been used to teach the first course in computer programming, and such languages are referred to as first programming language (FPL). The pool of programming languages has been evolving with the development of new languages, and from this pool different(More)
A general approach is proposed that allows for quantifying the relative toxic contribution of ions released from metallic nanoparticles and of the particles themselves, as exemplified for the case of differently shaped zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles (NPs) exposed to zebrafish embryos. First of all, the toxicity of suspensions of ZnO nanoparticles(More)
Reports of gender differences amongst arsonists at psychiatric assessment are not uncommon, however some are based on relatively small samples. A new retrospective study highlighting gender differences could help to confirm or refute the current state of knowledge. The aim of the current study was to examine gender differences amongst a sample of 167 adult(More)
The potential toxicity of CoFe2O4 nanobeads (NBs) in Chlorella vulgaris was observed up to 72h. Algal cell morphology, membrane integrity and viability were severely compromised due to adsorption and aggregation of NBs on algal surfaces, release of Fe(3+) and Co(2+) ions and possible mechanical damage by NBs. Interactions with NBs and effective decrease in(More)
The broad spectrum applications of CoFe2O4 NPs have attracted much interest in medicine, environment and industry, resulting in exceedingly higher exposures to humans and environmental systems in succeeding days. Their health effects and potential biological impacts need to be determined for risk assessment. Zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos were exposed to(More)
The Third National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS III) was conducted in 2006 on a nationally representative sample of population in Malaysia. Over 21,000 children aged 0-17.9 years were measured for body weight and stature according to the protocol of the World Health Organization. This article describes the nutritional status of children aged 0-59.9(More)
Various plants are well known for their insecticidal activity and their use was maintained for millennia throughout all the agricultural regions of the world. In a current context, the use of Botanical insecticides represents one of the best alternatives to chemicals for the development of environmental-friendly strategies for stored grain pest control.(More)
Recently discovered orexigenic peptide, ghrelin, which is primarily produced by gastrointestinal tract, has been implicated in the malignant cell proliferation and invasion, presumably through an autocrine/paracrine mechanism. This study was aimed to identify the role of endogenously produced ghrelin in colorectal cancer progression. Malignant intestinal(More)
Grid technologies are appealing to deal with the challenges raised by computational neurosciences and support multi-centric brain studies. However, core grids middleware hardly cope with the complex neuroimaging data representation and multi-layer data federation needs. Moreover, legacy neuroscience environments need to be preserved and cannot be simply(More)