Farook Sattar

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An image enhancement method that reduces speckle noise and preserves edges is introduced. The method is based on a new nonlinear multiscale reconstruction scheme that is obtained by successively combining each coarser scale image with the corresponding modified interscale image. Simulation results are included to demonstrate the performance of the proposed(More)
Respiratory sound (RS) signals carry significant information about the underlying functioning of the pulmonary system by the presence of adventitious sounds (ASs). Although many studies have addressed the problem of pathological RS classification, only a limited number of scientific works have focused on the analysis of the evolution of symptom-related(More)
This paper proposes a new image watermarking technique, which adopts Independent Component Analysis (ICA) for watermark detection and extraction process (i.e., dewatermarking). Watermark embedding is performed in the spatial domain of the original image. Watermark can be successfully detected during the Principle Component Analysis (PCA) whitening stage. A(More)
A new corner detection method for contour images is proposed based on dyadic wavelet transform (WT) at local natural scales. The points corresponding to wavelet transform modulus maxima (WTMM) at different scales are taken as corner candidates. For each candidate, the scale at which the maximum value of the normalized WTMM exists is defined as its ‘‘local(More)
This paper presents a novel corner detection method for gray level images based on log-Gabor wavelet transform (WT). The input image is decomposed at multiscales and along multi-orientations. The magnitudes of the decomposition are formulated into the second moment matrix. The smaller eigenvalue of the second moment matrix is used as the "cornerness"(More)