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The absorption enhancing efficiency of CriticalSorb for human growth hormone (MW 22 kDa) was investigated in the conscious rat model. The principle absorption enhancing component of CriticalSorb, Solutol HS15, comprises polyglycol mono- and di-esters of 12-hydroxystearic acid combined with free polyethylene glycol. When administering hGH nasally in rats(More)
Novel sustained release formulations of hGH prepared by supercritical fluid processing of PLGA/PLA (the CriticalMix process) were produced in the form of microparticles for subcutaneous injection. The basis of the process is that PLGA/PLA polymers liquefy when exposed to supercritical CO(2), thereby allowing the hGH to be mixed efficiently into the polymers(More)
Systemic delivery of proteins via the nasal route has to date been limited by their poor absorption across the nasal mucosa, and the less than optimal tolerability of known permeation enhancers. We have recently developed a highly effective nasal delivery system (CriticalSorb™) based on Solutol HS15. Extensive toxicology studies have shown CriticalSorb™ to(More)
CriticalSorb™, with the principal component Solutol® HS15, is a novel mucosal drug delivery system demonstrated to improve the bioavailability of selected biotherapeutics. The intention of this study is to elucidate mechanism(s) responsible for the enhancement of trans-mucosal absorption of biological drugs by Solutol® HS15. Micelle size and CMC of Solutol®(More)
Tendons and tendon sheaths and periarticular tissues are frequently involved in arthritides associated with mycoplasmas. It was therefore thought relevant to enlarge the title to "Arthritis and tenosynovitis." The arthritic conditions associated with mycoplasma infection were considered in turn for the rabbit, the rat and mouse, the chicken and turkey, the(More)
CONTEXT The development of an improved, efficacious human GH (hGH) product administered by a noninjectable route of delivery such as the nasal route is highly desirable. We have developed a novel nasal hGH product (CP024) that showed excellent nasal absorption in animal models; however, the translation of these results into the clinical setting is essential(More)
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