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A new class of dithering algorithms for black and white (B/W) images is presented. The basic idea behind the technique is to divide the image into small blocks and minimize the distortion between the original continuous-tone image and its low-pass-filtered halftone. This corresponds to a quadratic programming problem with linear constraints, which is solved(More)
1996 1 Abstract Modeling and Simulation of the Automated Highway System We present the hierarchical structure for the control design of the Automated Highway System (AHS). This control hierarchy has four layers: network, link, coordination, and regulation. The network layer routes vehicles from their origin to their destination. The link layer provides the(More)
This paper describes a general framework for the modeling, design, simulation, and prototyping of large scale systems. The framework uses a coherent set of tools that model the system at hand, take a control design and analyze, verify, and simulate it; and then can generate code that can be run in a target real-time software platform in the physical system.(More)
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