Farokh H. Eskafi

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A new class of dithering algorithms for black and white (B/W) images is presented. The basic idea behind the technique is to divide the image into small blocks and minimize the distortion between the original continuous-tone image and its low-pass-filtered halftone. This corresponds to a quadratic programming problem with linear constraints, which is solved(More)
This report presents the hierarchical structure for the control design of an Automated Highway System (AHS). This control hierarchy has four layers: network, link, coordination, and regulation. It is used to model different AHS proposals. Control layers and the internal structure of each layer and the interfaces between then are described. Three basic(More)
This paper describes a general framework for the modeling, design, simulation, and prototyping of large scale systems. The framework uses a coherent set of tools that model the system at hand, take a control design and analyze, verify, and simulate it; and then can generate code that can be run in a target real-time software platform in the physical system.(More)
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