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Firms interested in servicing foreign markets face a difficult decision with regards to the choice of an entry mode. The options available to a firm include exporting, licensing, joint venture and sole venture. Several factors that determine the choice of a specific foreign market entry mode have been identified in previous literature. These factors can be(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to comprehensively review the sources of competitive strength of emerging market multinationals (EMMs). Since most lack firm-specific assets such as internalized knowledge or globally recognized brands, especially in their early international growth, and emanate from less-developed nations, the success of EMMs has to(More)
Can one predict the propensity of two firms to form an alliance based on their position in existing technological and interorganizational industry networks? A network perspective is useful in examining partner selection. In this paper each firm is viewed as embedded in alliance and technology industry networks. Results from the global chemical and(More)
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