Farnoush Noushi

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A gradual loss of auditory neurons often occurs following sensorineural hearing loss. Since the cochlear implant must stimulate the remaining auditory neuron population, it would be beneficial to preserve as many auditory neurons as possible. Neurotrophic factors protect auditory neurons from degradation after sensorineural hearing loss in experimental(More)
BACKGROUND Sentinel node biopsy (SNB) of internal mammary nodes (IMNs) in breast cancer is controversial. Most centers rarely identify IMN on lymphoscintigraphy but others report up to 45% of cases. Controversy relates to the technique of lymphatic mapping, safety of IMN SNB, the significance of positive IMN, and potential to impact survival. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Metastatic breast cancer in the internal mammary nodes (IMN) indicates a poor prognosis. Several recent epidemiological surveys have determined a reduction in survival for patients with medial compared to lateral sector tumors attributing this to a higher rate of unrecognized IMN metastasis and hence these patients are undertreated with adjuvant(More)
BACKGROUND Historical studies of lymphatic drainage of the breast have suggested that the lymphatic drainage of the breast was to lymph nodes lying in the antero-pectoral group of nodes in the axilla just lateral to the pectoral muscles. The purpose of this study was to confirm this is not correct. METHODS The hybrid imaging method of SPECT/CT allows the(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that sub-areolar (SA) lymphoscintigraphy (LSG) identifies the same sentinel node as peri-tumoural (PT) injections. BACKGROUND It is commonly believed that all LSG techniques will identify the same sentinel lymph nodes (SLN) draining the breast. Hybrid imaging technology (SPECT/CT) allows accurate identification of the(More)
AIM Internal mammary node (IMN) metastases are an important prognostic factor in breast cancer. However due to difficulty of access, most surgeons ignore these nodes, hence adjuvant treatment decisions may be compromised. Through mathematical modeling based on large datasets this study aims to estimate the current rate of IMN and sentinel node metastasis.(More)
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