Farnaz Moradi

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One of the widely studied structural properties of social and information networks is their community structure, and a vast variety of community detection algorithms have been proposed in the literature. Expansion of a seed node into a community is one of the most successful methods for local community detection, especially when the global structure of the(More)
We have collected several large-scale datasets in a number of passive measurement projects on an Internet backbone link belonging to a national university network. The datasets have been used in different studies such as in general classification and characterization of properties of Internet traffic, in network security projects detecting and classifying(More)
Identifying unsolicited email based on their network-level behavior rather than their content have received huge interest. In this study, we investigate the social network properties of large-scale <i>email networks</i> generated from real email traffic to reveal the properties that are indicative of spam as opposed to the expected legitimate behavior. By(More)
Community structure is an important aspect of network analysis, with a variety of reallife applications. Local community detection algorithms, which are relatively new in literature, provide the opportunity to analyze community structure in large networks without needing global information. We focus our work on a state-of-the-art algorithm developed by Yang(More)
Community detection algorithms are widely used to study the structural properties of real-world networks. In this paper, we experimentally evaluate the qualitative performance of several community detection algorithms using large-scale email networks. The email networks were generated from real email traffic and contain both legitimate email (ham) and(More)
Today web portals play an increasingly important role in health care allowing information seekers to learn about diseases and treatments, and to administrate their care. Therefore, it is important that the portals are able to support this process as well as possible. In this paper, we study the search logs of a public Swedish health portal to address the(More)
As a result of shrinking device dimensions, the occurrence of transient errors is increasing. This causes system reliability to be reduced. Thus, fault-tolerant methods are becoming increasingly important, particularly in safety-critical applications. In this paper a novel fault-tolerant method is proposed through combining time redundancy with information(More)
E-mail is probably the most popular application on the Internet, with everyday business and personal communications dependent on it. Spam or unsolicited e-mail has been estimated to cost businesses significant amounts of money. However, our understanding of the network-level behavior of legitimate e-mail traffic and how it differs from spam traffic is(More)
the non-exclusive right to publish the Work electronically and in a non-commercial purpose make it accessible on the Internet. The Author warrants that he/she is the author to the Work, and warrants that the Work does not contain text, pictures or other material that violates copyright law. The Author shall, when transferring the rights of the Work to a(More)
In this paper we present a large-scale measurement study and analysis of e-mail traffic collected on an Internet backbone link. To the best of our knowledge this is one of the largest studies of network-wide behavior of e-mail traffic. We consider e-mail networks connecting senders and receivers that have communicated via e-mail, capturing their social(More)