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Expectancy and pharmacology influence the subjective effects of nicotine in a balanced-placebo design.
The expectancy and pharmacological effects of nicotine (0.60 mg) on memory and the subjective effects of cigarettes were examined by using a balanced-placebo design (i.e., expect either nicotine orExpand
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Punishment, proprietariness, and paternity : Men's violence against women from an evolutionary perspective
In this article, we use an evolutionary perspective to examine intimate partner violence, focusing on men's violence against women. Previous examinations of intimate partner violence have typicallyExpand
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From Mate Retention to Murder: Evolutionary Psychological Perspectives on Men's Partner-Directed Violence
In response to the tragically high incidence and negative consequences of female-directed violence in intimate relationships, a large literature has been dedicated to the investigation of theExpand
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Male mate retention mediates the relationship between female sexual infidelity and female-directed violence
Abstract Previous research has documented relationships between (1) female sexual infidelity and men’s non-violent mate retention behaviors, and (2) men’s non-violent mate retention behaviors andExpand
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Do Women Pretend Orgasm to Retain a Mate?
The current study tested the hypothesis that women pretend orgasm as part of a broader strategy of mate retention. We obtained self-report data from 453 heterosexual women (M age, 21.8 years) in aExpand
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Associations Between Alcohol Use and Intimate Partner Violence Among Men Who Have Sex with Men.
PURPOSE Intimate partner violence (IPV) research among men who have sex with men (MSM) has primarily focused on the prevalence of IPV victimization and perpetration. Although alcohol use is a knownExpand
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Perceived risk of female infidelity moderates the relationship between men’s personality and partner-directed violence
We hypothesized that men’s personality traits interact with men’s perceived risk of partner’s infidelity to predict men’s partner-directed violence. Moderation analyses of data provided by 467 men inExpand
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Does Fertility Status Influence Impulsivity and Risk Taking in Human Females? Adaptive Influences on Intertemporal Choice and Risky Decision Making
Informed by the research on adaptive decision making in other animal species, this study investigated human females' intertemporal and risky choices across the ovulatory cycle. We tested theExpand
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Communicating HIV Status in Sexual Interactions: Assessing Social Cognitive Constructs, Situational Factors, and Individual Characteristics Among South African MSM
This study assessed whether social cognitive constructs, situational factors, and individual characteristics were associated with communicating HIV status and whether communication was related toExpand
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Husband's Esteem Predicts his Mate Retention Tactics
delity or prevent their defection from the relationship. These tactics include low-risk acts that render the current relationship more attractive by bestowing benefits on the woman, as well asExpand
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