Farnaz Barzinpour

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Aggregate production planning (APP) is a medium-term capacity planning to determine the quantity of production, inventory and work force levels to satisfy fluctuating demand over a planning horizon. The goal is to minimize costs and instabilities in the work force and inventory levels. This paper is concentrated on multi-period, multi-product and(More)
Keywords: Hierarchical networks Hub location Hybrid heuristic Simulated annealing Tabu search Variable neighborhood search a b s t r a c t This paper considers the design of two-layered networks with fully interconnected backbone and access networks. The problem, a specific application of hub location to network design, is known as fully interconnected(More)
Hub location problem is one of the most important problems in the areas of logistics and telecommunication network design. In this paper, we address the single allocation maximal covering hub location problem in which the objective is to maximise the amount of covered flows associated with origin-destination pairs in a hub-and-spoke network using a fixed(More)
Ensemble has been proved a successful approach for enhancing the performance of a single classifier. But there are two key factors directly influencing the outcomes of an ensemble: accuracy of each single member and diversity between the members. There have been many approaches used in the literature to create the mentioned diversity. In this paper, we add(More)
This paper deals with the permutation flow shop scheduling problem. The objective is to minimize the maximum completion time, or makespan. To solve this problem which has been proved to be strongly NP-hard, a combination between an ant colony algorithm, a heuristic algorithm and a local search procedure is proposed and presented. The hybrid approach is to(More)