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With the widespread growth of applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), the need for reliable security mechanisms these networks has increased manifold. Many security solutions have been proposed in the domain of WSN so far. These solutions are usually based on well-known cryptographic algorithms. In this paper, we have made an effort to survey well(More)
Recent studies have shown that network traffic is SelfSimilar, and it has a great impact on network performance. Self-similar traffic can lead to large queuing delays and packet loss rates. In this paper, we devise an active queue management algorithm which takes the Self-similarity of traffic into account. Hurst is a key parameter describing self-similar(More)
Document clustering is an unsupervised approach in which a large collection of documents (corpus) is subdivided into smaller, meaningful, identifiable, and verifiable sub-groups (clusters). Meaningful representation of documents and implicitly identifying the patterns, on which this separation is performed, is the challenging part of document clustering. We(More)
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