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  • Andreas Beyer, E A Int Roger, Farmer, Anindya Banerjee, James Bullard, Hal Cole +13 others
  • 2005
1 We are grateful to three anonymous referees for stimulating comments and suggestions that helped us to improve the focus of this paper. We also wish to thank Warne, Mark Watson and Tao Zha for their comments. Discussions with Harald Uhlig in the summer of 2002 and comments and suggestions by Mark Watson at the NBER Monetary Economics Workshop in April(More)
In late 2001 the BioMOBY project was initiated with the goal of producing an open-source, simple, extensible platform to enable the discovery, representation, integration, and retrieval of biological data from widely disparate data hosts and analysis services. An early prototype, based on a web-services paradigm (MOBY-S), but using a novel ontology-aware(More)
  • Andreas Beyer, E A Int Roger, Farmer
  • 2004
1 The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the ECB. Abstract We study identiÞcation in a class of three-equation monetary models. We argue that these models are typically not identiÞed. For any given exactly identiÞed model, we provide an algorithm that generates a class of equivalent models that(More)
  • Thomas Lubik, Frank Schorfheide, Andreas Beyer, E A Int Roger, Farmer, Harold Cole +1 other
  • 2006
Thomas Lubik and Frank Schorfheide [10] construct a test to determine whether a given data set was generated by an economic model for which the parameters were drawn from a determinate or an indeterminate region of the parameter space. They apply their test to the U.S. economy and find strong evidence to support a claim made by Richard Clarida, Jordi Gali(More)
  • Andreas Beyer, E A Int Roger, Farmer, Roger E A Farmer, Ucla
  • 2005
Thanks especially to Fabio Canova who provided detalied comments on our working paper Beyer-Farmer (2004a), which is an earlier and more extensive version of this paper. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the ECB. 2 Abstract We study identification in a class of linear rational expectations models.(More)
  • G Andrews, Carter, Kay-Lambkin, R G Bowman, J Butler, F J Wodak +27 others
  • 2015
(2006). Cognitive-behavioural therapy for substance use disorders in people with psychotic disorders-randomised controlled trial. A. (2006). Where there's smoke, there's fire: High prevalence of smoking among some sub-populations and recommendations for intervention. (2006). A randomized controlled trial of a smoking cessation intervention among people with(More)
This paper analyzes the state of learning spaces as they impact library education. Specifically, it reviews the literature about current trends in designing learning environments that facilitate e-learning. The report also lists cited examples of good practice in contemporary school library e-learning spaces. Introduction Space impacts teaching and(More)
This paper shows that periodic equilibria may arise in a simple overlapping generations model with capital. If the government follows a policy of fixing the value of the deficit, rather than fixing the value of government debt, then the difference equation that describes competitive equilibria may posses complex roots in the neighborhood of the golden rule(More)
to provide more-realistic representations of socio-economics by simulating the economy through the interactions of a large number of different agents, on the basis of specific rules. ABMs are widely used in finance, but have yet to be seriously applied to climate change. These are promising developments. Now, a concerted effort is required by the research(More)
The signatures of the Dissertation Defense Committee signify completion and approval as to style and content of the Dissetation Dedication This thesis is dedicated to my family and friends for their support. iv Acknowledgements I would like to thank my thesis advisor Dr. Tony Imbalzano for his mentoring throughout these years. His advice and encouragement(More)