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In late 2001 the BioMOBY project was initiated with the goal of producing an open-source, simple, extensible platform to enable the discovery, representation, integration, and retrieval of biological data from widely disparate data hosts and analysis services. An early prototype, based on a web-services paradigm (MOBY-S), but using a novel ontology-aware(More)
will be t aken u p and kept . J . T. MeCants, cha i rman of the commit tee on outdoor athletics, stated that the purpose of the committee 's act was to call pointedly to the attention of the s tuden ts the fac t that they were violating the agreement on the b lanket taxes. "It is t h e intent ion of the commit tee to collect the t axes a t t he door when(More)
Background Recovery of gut mucosal immune system is slow and incomplete during HAART therapy, leading to elevated inflammation rates, increased mitochondrial damage and the pathogenesis of replicatively competent escape mutations. A recent study of Ganeden BC30, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, demonstrated safety, increased CD4+ counts in patients on HARRT, and(More)
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