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In late 2001 the BioMOBY project was initiated with the goal of producing an open-source, simple, extensible platform to enable the discovery, representation, integration, and retrieval of biological data from widely disparate data hosts and analysis services. An early prototype, based on a web-services paradigm (MOBY-S), but using a novel ontology-aware(More)
(2006). Cognitive-behavioural therapy for substance use disorders in people with psychotic disorders-randomised controlled trial. A. (2006). Where there's smoke, there's fire: High prevalence of smoking among some sub-populations and recommendations for intervention. (2006). A randomized controlled trial of a smoking cessation intervention among people with(More)
to provide more-realistic representations of socio-economics by simulating the economy through the interactions of a large number of different agents, on the basis of specific rules. ABMs are widely used in finance, but have yet to be seriously applied to climate change. These are promising developments. Now, a concerted effort is required by the research(More)
In the bottom of p.39 there is a footnote. In this footnote second sentence should start as: "For any $0<t<2\pi$ and ..." (currently it starts not accurately enough as: "For any positive $t>0$ and...$). reference [30] is now published: Vanlessen, M., "Universal behavior for averages of characteristic polynomials at the origin of the spectrum", Page 140,(More)
A comparison of neuropsychological deficits in familial schizophrenics, nonfamilial schizophrenics, and normal controls. Differential contribution of current and cumulative indices of lead dose to neuropsychological performance by age. The effect of warning on malingering on memory and motor tasks in college samples. et al. HIV infection and cognition in(More)
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