Farkhondeh Memarzadeh

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A new combined method including fiber optic-linear array detection spectrophotometry (FO-LADS) and cloud point extraction (CPE) was developed using a cylindrical micro cell for simultaneous preconcentration and determination of different species. The CPE and FO-LADS methods have good matching conditions for combination because FO-LADS is suitable as a(More)
A novel membrane coated platinum-wire electrode (MCPWE) based on N,N'-bis(2-thienylmethylene)-1,2-diaminobenzene (BTMD) for highly selective determination of Ag+ ion has been developed. The influences of membrane composition and pH on the potentiometric responses of electrode were investigated. The potentiometric responses are independent of the pH of the(More)
A simple electromembrane extraction (EME) procedure combined with ion chromatography (IC) was developed to quantify inorganic anions in different pure water samples and water miscible organic solvents. The parameters affecting extraction performance, such as supported liquid membrane (SLM) solvent, extraction time, pH of donor and acceptor solutions, and(More)
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