Farkhod Yunusov

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The oculomotor abnormalities with isolated infarction of the cerebellar tonsil are unknown. In a patient with acute infarction of the right tonsil, we found (1) nearly completely abolished ipsilateral smooth pursuit and impaired contralateral pursuit, (2) a low-amplitude ipsilesional right-beating nystagmus without fixation, (3) gaze-holding deficits, and(More)
NYSTAGMUS AS A DELAYED COMPLICATION OF TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY Eric R. Eggenberger, East Lansing, MI: I read with interest the delayed see-saw nystagmus case detailed by Yunusov et al. We also published 2 delayed cases occurring 21 and 37 years post head trauma involving the chiasmal region. Both patients exhibited bitemporal hemianopia and MRIs suggestive(More)
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