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We report on the presence of magnetic iron oxides in the migratory ant Pachycondyla marginata. Magnetic particles were extracted from different parts of the ant (head, thorax and abdomen) using magnetic precipitation methods. Electron spectroscopic images for iron and oxygen were obtained from the extracted particles, and, by using the corresponding(More)
Magnetotactic bacteria from aquatic environments were analyzed with the electron spectroscopic imaging technique. Rod-shaped bacteria and cocci were present in most of the samples observed. Magnetotactic multicellular aggregates were also observed at some of the sampling sites. The use of electron spectroscopic imaging allowed the observation of(More)
The results of analytical and numerical investigations on the properties of one-dimensional (nondrifting) solitons of relativistic amplitude, in the presence of an externally imposed uniform magnetic field B0, are presented and compared with those of the unmagnetized plasma theory (Esirkepov et al., Pis'ma Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz. 68, 33 (1998) [JETP Lett. 68,(More)