Faridoon Shabaninia

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This paper proposes a controller design for urban traffic networks. The growing demand for faster transportation has led to heavy congestion in road traffic networks, necessitating the need for traffic-responsive intelligent signal control systems. The developed signal control system based on uncertain information of the environment must be capable of(More)
The main contribution of this paper is to design a more accurate optimal/suboptimal fault tolerant state estimator. Federated filters compose of a set of local filters and a master filter, the local filters work in parallel and their solutions are periodically fused by the master filter yielding a global solution. Federated ensemble Kalman filter no reset(More)
In this paper, artificial potential functions are used to design the formation control input for kinematic model of the robots and matrix manipulations are used to transform nonholonomic model of a differentially driven vehicle into equivalent holonomic one. The advantages of the proposed controller can be listed as robustness to input nonlinearity,(More)
In this paper, synchronization problem of the Master-Slave chaotic system is presented. To this end, firstly, using discrete time extended Kalman filter, both states of the master and slave systems are estimated, next with a simple control law, slave system states is synchronized with master system states. To show the effectiveness of our approach, these(More)