Farideh Shafiee-Kermani

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Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), a major regulator of mammalian gonadal function, is induced by gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), but it is unclear how much induction is direct or indirect and what relevance each has in vivo. Two advances now make it possible to address these issues, which are central to understanding FSH regulation. The first is(More)
FSH is induced by activin, and this expression is modulated by GnRH through FSHB expression. This report focuses on the inhibitory effect of GnRH on activin-induced FSHB expression. Activin-treated primary murine pituitary cultures robustly express mutant ovine FSHBLuc-DeltaAP1, a luciferase transgene driven by 4.7 kb of ovine FSHB promoter. This promoter(More)
The beta subunit of follicle stimulating hormone (FSHB) is expressed specifically in pituitary gonadotropes in vertebrates. Transgenic mouse studies have shown that enhancers in the proximal promoter between -172/-1 bp of the ovine FSHB gene are required for gonadotrope expression of ovine FSHB. These enhancers are associated with regulation by activins and(More)
FSH is essential for normal gonadal function in mammals. Expression of its beta-subunit (FSHB) controls overall production/secretion of FSH and is induced by activin. Studies with ovine FSHB promoter/reporter constructs in L beta T2 gonadotropes show that induction by activin requires a putative Smad binding element in the ovine FSHB promoter(More)
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