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CONTEXT Iran's culture and religion prohibit sexual contact prior to marriage. Due to the sensitivity of the topic, little is known about the sexual activity of unmarried adolescent males or about their knowledge of, and attitudes toward, sexuality and reproductive health. METHODS A population-based study of 1,385 males aged 15-18 in Tehran was conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Despite cultural and religious prohibitions against premarital heterosexual relationships and intimacy, some recent evidence suggests some rise in premarital heterosexual interactions and relationships among young people. On the other hand, although HIV in Iran is a concentrated epidemic and mainly reported among high risk groups such as(More)
BACKGROUND This paper aims to examine the reproductive health and behaviors which might expose young people at risks of STIs/HIV and potential correlates of such behaviors among female college students in Tehran. METHODS This paper focuses on the study conducted on a sample of 1743 female undergraduate students in four multidisciplinary universities in(More)
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