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Laser Ablation Technique for Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticle in Liquid
Recently, the synthesis and application of metal and ceramic nanoparticle are significant subject in science and engineering. The metal nanoparticles such as silver, gold, and copper nanoparticles
A widely tunable dual-wavelength based on a microring resonator filter device
We demonstrate a stable, tunable dual-wavelength (DW) generated by launching an in-house built supercontinuum (SC) into an add-drop microring resonator (MRR). The MRR is fabricated from a
Investigating musical effects and aromatherapy on anxiety and pain in patients undergoing surgery
The results show a positive effect of the aromatherapy on pain and anxiety reduction in the patient 8 and 16 hours after the surgery, more than the effect of music therapy.
When the attraction of Ta’ziyeh is diminished, the community should inevitably find a suitable replacement for it
Abstract This article studies the influence of form and content of Ta’ziyeh on theatre alongside replacement of Ta’ziyeh in modern theatre by eclectic theatre. In order to investigate and critic the
The word xenophobia is a social phenomenon that is rooted in fear and dislike of strangers from other countries. Since art is a reflection of life, this social behaviour has been echoed in dramatic
Boria in Malaysia
This article is investigating Boria which is a kind of common performance in Malaysia. Boria has been known as Boria and Borea and both are correct, but Boria is more common. Boria is a folk
Research Analysis in Eclectic Theory (Kaboudan and Sfandiar)
This research investigates eclecticism in Iranian theatre on the basis of eclectic theory, a new theory in postmodernism that has been influenced by elements of traditional form of Iran.