Faridaddin Vahdatikhaki

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With the increasing complexity of construction projects grows the challenge of securing safety and achieving desirable productivity as the chief priorities of the construction industry. Addressing these issues requires robust mechanisms for on-site real-time data capturing, information processing and decision-making. The current research aims to further(More)
Simulation techniques have offered significant boosts toward a cost-and-time-optimized planning of construction projects by enabling project managers to effectively comprehend the behavior of projects. Using historic data from projects of like nature, simulation considers uncertainties involved in a project through accommodating the stochastic modeling(More)
During non-recession period, construction industry has a considerable profit margin in developing countries as a result of which government and related authorities are not fully sensitized and devoted to amelioration of the efficacy of the construction process. However, when recession strikes a country, the industry, in the wake of its relatively low rate(More)
In the period between 1992 and 2002, struck by vehicles and struck by objects (e.g., vehicle parts, vehicle loads, or falling vehicles) were identified as the causes of 30% and 24% of deaths on excavations sites, respectively. It is therefore of a paramount importance to improve the safety of construction sites by increasing the peripheral awareness of the(More)
The cost-and-time-optimized planning of earthmoving projects has been significantly boosted as a result of deploying simulation techniques which enable project managers to effectively comprehend the behavior of projects. However, the realism and accuracy of the simulation models diminish as a result of the heavy reliance on the statistical data and of not(More)
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