Farida Zaida

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In order to assess the contamination burden of infants from the city of Marrakech (Morocco), hair lead and aluminium concentrations were studied in a sample of 573 infants, aged 0 to 12 months, and correlated with the infants descriptors such as age, gender and the parents occupations. Moreover, the two metals were measured in the local environment (soil,(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Iron deficiency impairs growth and psychomotor development of infants. In Morocco, infusions are introduced very early in infant diet, and could contribute to iron deficiency, due to their high polyphenol content. METHODS The availability of tea, mint and vervain infusions was assessed using an in vitro model of digestion and dialysis. Two(More)
A short prospective study was conducted to assess thyroid status in healthy full term newborns (n=90) of a large maternity of Marrakech (Morocco), as part of the validation of a national salt iodisation program. High TSH (>5mU/l) was detected in 89% of infants tested; urinary iodine excretion was measured in 35 of the mothers, and was found to be normal(More)
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