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Touch is very important to human, as demonstrated by any child who, when asking to ‘see’ an item, will reach out its hand to palpate and get the ‘feel’ of the object of interest. The ability to simulate sense of touch, using computers, has finally arrived. Human haptics is the sense of touch. Computer haptics is simulating human haptics via a device. This(More)
Minimally invasive procedures are becoming much more common in surgical practice because of the many advantages for patient comfort and convenience, and improved surgical access. However some of the major problems leading to occasional surgical errors with this minimal access method are restricted vision, limited sense of touch, difficulties in(More)
Introduction The interfacing of force-feedback devices to computers adds touchability in computer interactions, called computer haptics. Collision detection of virtual objects with the haptic interface device and determining and displaying appropriate force feedback to the user via the haptic interface device are two of the major components of haptic(More)
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