Farida Saleh

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Shear and tensile bond strengths of 40 human and 40 bovine teeth were compared. Teeth were randomly assigned to group I, which received light-cured composite resin, or group II, which received light-cured resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement. The groups were subdivided for shear and tensile bond strength tests, which were conducted on a universal testing(More)
Most subsurface flow treatment wetlands, also known as reed bed or root zone systems, use sand or gravel substrates to reduce organics, solids, and nutrients in septic tank effluents. Phosphorus (P) retention in these systems is highly variable and few studies have identified the fate of retained P. In this study, two substrates, expanded shale and masonry(More)
In the wood destroying basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune a method is described to recognize the onset of dikaryosis rapidly in using recessive genetic markers. The gene ai +/ai causes in its mutant recessive allele (ai) the production of dark coloured fruit bodies. This can be made use of to evaluate macroscopically the formation of a dikaryon. Another(More)
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