Farida Ridzuan

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Individual user and organizations benefit from cloud computing services, which allow permanent online storage of files. The problem occurs when companies store highly confidential documents in cloud servers. Therefore, this paper aims to introduce a backbone structure for a cloud storage system where the security and personal privacy is highly maximized. It(More)
This paper presents an empirical research that identifies cost of Spam 2.0. This experiment is a part of ongoing research for identifying the cost of Spam 2.0 and focuses only on storage cost. The data is collected via a honeypot setup using a discussion forum for a period of 13 months. Forum provides a good place for the spammers to continue their spamming(More)
Webspam is one of the most challenging problems faced by major search engines in the social computing arena. Spammers exploit weaknesses of major search engine algorithms to get their website in the top 10 search results, which results in higher traffic and increased revenue. The development of web applications where users can contribute content has also(More)
Spam 2.0 (or Web 2.0 Spam) is referred to as spam content that is hosted on Web 2.0 applications (blogs, forums, social networks etc.). Such spam differs from traditional spam as this is targeted at Web 2.0 applications and spreads through legitimate websites. The main problems with Spam 2.0 is spam websites get undeserved high ranking in search engines,(More)
In this paper, we provide a high level overview of Spam 2.0, how it works, its impacts and its categorizations (which are annoying, tricky, deceiving and evil). We also describe the existing approaches taken to combat Spam 2.0, including the detection approach, the prevention approach, and the early detection approach. Three techniques based on the(More)
Most of the existing techniques on relation extraction focus on extracting relation between subject, predicate and object in a single sentence. However, these techniques unable to handle the situation when the text has sentences that are incomplete: either does not have or unclear subject or object in sentence (i.e. "unsure" value). Thus this does not(More)
This paper aims to provide an analytical view in estimating the cost of Spam 2.0. For this purpose, the authors define the web spam lifecycle and its associated impact. We also enlisted 5 stakeholders and focused on defining 5 cost calculations using a large collection of references. The cost of web spam then can be calculated with the definition of 13(More)
The invention of smartphone have made life easier as it is capable of providing important functions used in user's daily life. While different operating system (OS) platform was built for smartphone, Android has become one of the most popular choice. Nonetheless, it is also the most targeted platform for mobile malware attack causing financial loss to the(More)
Currently, mobile botnet attacks have shifted from computers to smartphones due to its functionality, ease to exploit, and based on financial intention. Mostly, it attacks Android due to its popularity and high usage among end users. Every day, more and more malicious mobile applications (apps) with the botnet capability have been developed to exploit end(More)