Farida Laboune

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Targeted HIV cure strategies require definition of the mechanisms that maintain the virus. Here, we tracked HIV replication and the persistence of infected CD4 T cells in individuals with natural virologic control by sequencing viruses, T cell receptor genes, HIV integration sites, and cellular transcriptomes. Our results revealed three mechanisms of HIV(More)
The design of immunogens that elicit broadly reactive neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) has been a major obstacle to HIV-1 vaccine development. One approach to assess potential immunogens is to use mice expressing precursors of human bnAbs as vaccination models. The bnAbs of the VRC01-class derive from the IGHV1-2 immunoglobulin heavy chain and neutralize a(More)
Retinoic acid has been shown to be an anticancer agent, and a growing literature suggests that it is the nuclear retinoic acid receptor beta2 (RARbeta2) that is primarily responsible for mediating this effect, at least in some systems. To determine whether partial inactivation of RARbeta2 would predispose to lung cancer in mice, we generated three(More)
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