Farid Temcamani

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—Many architectures of transistor only simulated inductors (TOSI) have been proposed until now in literature. Exhibiting tuning possibilities, low chip area and offering integration facility, they constitute promising architectures to replace passive inductors in RF circuits. An improved CMOS active inductor topology is proposed in this paper. With a novel(More)
The paper presents an improved tuning method implemented for a differential active inductor based RF bandpass filter. Derived from a previous designed transistor-only second order filter topology, independent frequency and quality factor tuning are demonstrated in 0.18 µm CMOS technology. The circuit has been basically designed for a maximum frequency of(More)
A novel tuning technique which improves the performances of an RF CMOS band-pass filter based on simulated inductors is presented. Gain enhancement techniques are applied to reduce the inductor losses by using a novel negative resistance topology. The proposed method is sufficiently general to be applied to other active filters topologies based on active(More)
—Two controlled current conveyors (CCCII) with positive and negative current transfers are described. The electrical characteristics of these two conveyors (current transfer, voltage transfer and parasitic impedances…) were determined. A controlled current amplifiers based on these two current conveyors are analyzed. PSPICE simulation results shows that the(More)
AlGaN/GaN HEMTs are on the way to lead the RF-power amplification field according to their outstanding performances. However, due to its relative youth, reliability studies in several types of operating conditions allow to understand mechanisms peculiar to this technology and responsible for the wearing out of devices. This paper reports the reliability(More)
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