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Contrasting Computational Models of Mate Preference Integration Across 45 Countries
Humans express a wide array of ideal mate preferences. Around the world, people desire romantic partners who are intelligent, healthy, kind, physically attractive, wealthy, and more. In order forExpand
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Sex Differences in Mate Preferences Across 45 Countries: A Large-Scale Replication
Considerable research has examined human mate preferences across cultures, finding universal sex differences in preferences for attractiveness and resources as well as sources of systematic culturalExpand
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Assortative mating and the evolution of desirability covariation
Abstract Mate choice lies close to differential reproduction, the engine of evolution. Patterns of mate choice consequently have power to direct the course of evolution. Here we provide evidenceExpand
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Reasons for Facebook Usage: Data From 46 Countries
This publication was financed within the framework of the programme titled Dialogue introduced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education between 2016 and 2019. Moreover, the author(s)Expand
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Waist to hip ratio and breast size modulate the processing of female body silhouettes: An EEG study
Abstract Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and breast size are considered important biological features defining female body attractiveness; but their neurophysiological correlates remain largely unknown. ToExpand
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Sex Difference on the Importance of Veiling: A Cross-Cultural Investigation
Veiling is an ancient cultural practice endorsed by religion, social institutions, and laws. Recently, there have been adaptive arguments to explain its function and existence. Specifically, it isExpand
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Becoming sexy: Contrapposto pose increases attractiveness ratings and modulates observers’ brain activity
Previous neurophysiological studies have revealed the neural correlates of human body form perception, as well as those related to the perception of attractive body sizes. In the current study weExpand
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Universality of the Triangular Theory of Love: Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Triangular Love Scale in 25 Countries
ABSTRACT The Triangular Theory of Love (measured with Sternberg’s Triangular Love Scale – STLS) is a prominent theoretical concept in empirical research on love. To expand the culturally homogeneousExpand
Sex Differences for Preferences of Shoulder to Hip Ratio in Men and Women: an Eye Tracking Study
Shoulder to hip ratio (SHR) is a sexually dimorphic trait in humans, yet no previous study has investigated the gazing behavior and perceived physical attractiveness of men and women in relation toExpand
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