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Renal cell carcinoma comprises about 2% of adult tumors. The overall 10-year survival rate of patients with RCC after nephrectomy is about 18-27%. The incidence of metastasis of initial RCC is about 24-28%, but this rate after nephrectomy is as high as 51%. The most common site of recurrence is the lung, however liver and bone metastases are common. There(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the effects of intravenous infliximab in preventing the formation of peritoneal adhesions in an animal model of rat. METHODS This was an experimental study being performed in animal laboratory of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences during 2012. Sixty albino rats were randomly assigned in to three groups by Random Design Method.(More)
Background: The surgical management of liver injuries remains a great challenge for the traumatologists and general surgeons. We hypothesized that administration of 17 β-estradiol, a female sex hormone, improves hepatocellular healing after liver trauma. Methods: In an experimental model, 60 rats were divided into six subgroups: A (male control), B (male(More)
Gastric duplication cysts comprise 2-7% of gastrointestinal duplications, rare congenital malformations that can be present at almost any part of the alimentary tract. They mostly present with gastrointestinal obstruction symptoms, ulceration, and painless hemorrhage. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and fullness sensation. Gastric duplications are mostly(More)
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