Farid Katiraei

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—This paper addresses real and reactive power management strategies of electronically interfaced distributed generation (DG) units in the context of a multiple-DG microgrid system. The emphasis is primarily on electronically interfaced DG (EI-DG) units. DG controls and power management strategies are based on locally measured signals without communications.(More)
A systematic approach to small-signal modelling of a micro-grid system that includes conventional (rotating machine) and electronically interfaced distributed resource (DR) units is presented here. The proposed approach incorporates fundamental frequency deviations in the overall system model and provides a methodology for the analysis of autonomous(More)
— This paper describes a methodology for field evaluation of large PV system impacts on distribution systems based on data collected from several phasor measurement devices deployed on two distribution feeders. The method utilizes a series of performance indicators and pattern trending approaches to process large amounts of granular data gathered from(More)
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