Farid Katiraei

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This paper addresses real and reactive power management strategies of electronically interfaced distributed generation (DG) units in the context of a multiple-DG microgrid system. The emphasis is primarily on electronically interfaced DG (EI-DG) units. DG controls and power management strategies are based on locally measured signals without communications.(More)
A systematic approach to small-signal modelling of a micro-grid system that includes conventional (rotating machine) and electronically interfaced distributed resource (DR) units is presented here. The proposed approach incorporates fundamental frequency deviations in the overall system model and provides a methodology for the analysis of autonomous(More)
This paper outlines a series of transient and timeseries studies performed on a reduced version of the IEEE 8500 node feeder – as the benchmark to compare simulation results between a transient analysis software tool such as PSCAD/EMTDC and a steady-state/time-series analysis software such as OpenDSS. The study objectives are targeted toward evaluating(More)
Based on current utility practice, anti-islanding protection is one of the main protection requirements for interconnection of a distribution generation (DG) to the medium and low voltage grids. For connecting a small synchronous generator to the utility grid, DG interconnection guidelines require the use of a transfer-trip scheme when the minimum load of a(More)
Rapid growth of grid-connected photovoltaic distributed generation (PV-DG) provides many benefits such as clean energy, reduced emissions and creation of new green jobs. However, given its intermittent nature, large scale penetration of PV-DG may challenge the quality and reliability of the grid. This paper evaluates the impact of PV-DG on distribution(More)
Farid Katiraei – Principal Advisor, Renewable & Protection – Quanta Technology Juergen Holbach – Executive Advisor, Protection & Automation – Quanta Technology Tim Chang – Senior Engineer, Protection Engineering – Quanta Technology Wesley Johnson – Director of Policy and Research – Canadian Solar Industries Association David Wills – Technical working group(More)
This paper describes a methodology for field evaluation of large PV system impacts on distribution systems based on data collected from several phasor measurement devices deployed on two distribution feeders. The method utilizes a series of performance indicators and pattern trending approaches to process large amounts of granular data gathered from fielded(More)
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