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General paresis (parenchymatous neurosyphilis) is a rare disease, and in recent years the number of papers published on the magnetic resonance imaging findings has been limited. The findings are as follows: cerebral atrophy; mesiotemporal T2 hyperintensity; ventriculomegaly; pathological T2 hypointensity of the globus pallidus, putamen, the head of the(More)
We have developed a piglet model to assess chemotherapy administration directly into the fourth ventricle as a potential treatment for medulloblastoma and other malignant posterior fossa tumors. The objective of this study was to assess safety and pharmacokinetics after methotrexate infusions into the fourth ventricle. Catheters were inserted into the(More)
BACKGROUND Spinal cord injury (SCI) produces acute hemodynamic alterations through disruption of sympathetic output of the autonomic nervous system and places individuals with SCI at high risk of secondary ischemic insult to the spinal cord as well as to other organs. The purpose of this study was to examine hemodynamics and serum vasopressin concentration(More)
a group, the junior surgeons had no more local recurrences than staff surgeons but there were great individual variations. There was no adverse oncological event beyond 5.5 years. The in-hospital mortality was 5%. Overall 5-year survival was 44.6%, and 10and 20year survivals were 29.3% and 16%. Fiveand 10-year survival in patients with local recurrence and(More)
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