Fariborz Nasertorabi

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The Eph receptor tyrosine kinase/ephrin ligand system regulates a wide spectrum of physiological processes, while its dysregulation has been implicated in cancer progression. The human EphA3 receptor is widely upregulated in the tumor microenvironment and is highly expressed in some types of cancer cells. Furthermore, EphA3 is among the most highly mutated(More)
We have engineered the protein interface of the Escherichia coli chorismate mutase (EcCM) homodimer to be dependent on incorporation of a noncanonical amino acid (ncAA) at residue 72. The large hydrophobic amino acid p-benzoyl phenylalanine (pBzF) was substituted for Tyr72, which led to a catalytically inactive protein. A library of five residues (Leu25',(More)
The fleeting lifetimes of the transition states (TSs) of chemical reactions make determination of their three-dimensional structures by diffraction methods a challenge. Here, we used packing interactions within the core of a protein to stabilize the planar TS conformation for rotation around the central carbon-carbon bond of biphenyl so that it could be(More)
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