Fariborz Ebrahimi

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Objective: Psychological interventions for enhancing mental health in those with somatomotor-physical disabilities are vital. The existing research aimed to examine the effect of teaching stress management skills on self-esteem and behavioral adjustment in individuals with somatomotor-physical disabilities. Methodology: The method of the survey was(More)
Due to the persistence of mainframe applications in most enterprises, modern desktops need to use terminal emulation software to communicate with these applications. With the e-commerce revolution, it has become essential for enterprises to provide web access to these legacy systems to extend their scope to a larger, nomadic population of users. It is(More)
—Despite tremendous advancements in transforming the Internet into a platform for conducting business and providing e-services, the infrastructure for more interoperable and integrated e-services platforms is still not materialized yet. This paper intends to address the issues regarding the infrastructure for such e-services platforms. It presents a(More)
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