Fariborz Bahrami

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Haemophilus somnus strain 649 was found to acquire iron from ovine, bovine, and goat transferrins (Tfs). Expression of Tf receptors, as evaluated by solid-phase binding assays, required the organisms to be grown under iron-restricted conditions in the presence of Tf. Competition binding assays revealed the presence of two distinct Tf-binding receptor(More)
Interleukin-8 (IL-8) plays key roles in both chronic inflammatory diseases and tumor modulation. We previously observed that IL-8 secretion and function can be modulated by nucleotide (P2) receptors. Here we investigated whether IL-8 release by intestinal epithelial HT-29 cells, a cancer cell line, is modulated by extracellular nucleotide metabolism. We(More)
To evaluate MDCK and MDCK-SIAT1 cell lines for their ability to produce the yield of influenza virus in different Multiplicities of Infection. Yields obtained for influenza virus H1N1 grown in MDCK-SIAT1 cell was almost the same as MDCK; however, H3N2 virus grown in MDCK-SIAT1 had lower viral titers in comparison with MDCK cells. The optimized MOIs to(More)
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