Fariba Aalamifar

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There is currently an ongoing debate surrounding what would be the best choice for smart grid communication technology. One of the promising communication technologies for smart grid realization is Powerline Communication (PLC). However, because of its noisy environment and the low capacity of Narrowband Powerline Communication, its viability for smart grid(More)
Worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) is one of the wireless communication technologies adopted for communication in smart grids. Due to the inherent differences between smart grid and mobile broadband applications, it is important to adjust planning and deployment of wireless technologies, including WiMAX. To this end, WiMAX is being(More)
Power line communications (PLC) plays an important role in the blend of communication technologies considered for enabling the smart grid vision. However, different from, e.g., wireless communications, for which ready-to-use modules are included in several simulation packages, there are no freely available software tools to simulate PLC networks. In(More)
Data hiding in the LSB of audio signals is an appealing steganographic method. This is due to the large volume of real-time production and transmission of audio data which makes it difficult to store and analyze these signals. Hence, steganalysis of audio signals requires online operations. Most of the existing steganalysis methods work on stored media(More)
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