Faria Nassiri-Mofakham

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For a long time, culture has been an influencing parameter in negotiations. Growth of international trades and business competitions has increased the importance of negotiations among countries and different cultures. Developing new technologies, particularly the use of artificial intelligence in electronic trading areas, has provided us with the(More)
Delay and capacity (throughput) are two important parameters to route data packets in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). In this paper, a new connectionless routing algorithm has been proposed to overcome the performance limit. The proposed algorithm is an extension of dynamic virtual route (DVR) algorithm. Mobility degree of nodes' neighborhood is used to(More)
Distributed Artificial Intelligence techniques have evolved toward multi-agent systems (MASs) where agents solve specific problems. Bargaining is a challenging area well-explored in both MAS and economics. To make agents more human-like and to increase their flexibility to reach an agreement, the authors investigated the role of personality behaviors of(More)
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