Farhana Zahir

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Post Minamata incident there has been awareness about mercury toxicity even among the general public. Previous researches contributed a vast amount of data regarding acute mercury exposure, but gradually information about the low dose [Ninomiya, T., Ohmori, H., Hashimoto, K., Tsuruta, K., Ekino, S., 1995. Expansion of methylmercury poisoning outside(More)
Mercury pollution and acute neurotoxicity of mercury is well known. The recent reports suggest the adverse effect of low dose mercury, though the available literature is still silent on its mechanism. This study was therefore undertaken to probe the effect of low dose methyl mercury induced heavy metal toxicity on free radical stress and its impact on(More)
This review looks at the toxicity and metabolism of bilirubin in terms of its pharmacological potential. Its role has gained importance as more research has revealed the functional significance and interrelationship between the gasotransmitters nitric oxide and carbon monoxide. The biological actions of bilirubin have mostly been characterized in the high(More)
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