Farhana Kagalwala

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In this thesis, we describe a statistical method for 3D object detection. In this method, we decompose the 3D geometry of each object into a small number of viewpoints. For each viewpoint , we construct a decision rule that determines if the object is present at that specific orientation. Each decision rule uses the statistics of both object appearance and(More)
Diierential Interference Contrast DIC mi-croscopy is a powerful visualization tool to study live biological cells. Its use in quantitative analysis, however , is limited by the nonlinear relation between image and object. Combining concepts from graphics and physics, we model these nonlinearities using a generalized r ay tracer. We verify our model by(More)
1. SUMMARY Differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy, a method pioneered by Georges Nomarski, is widely used to study live biological specimens. However, to date, biologists only qualitatively interpret DIC microscope images. In this work, we describe a method to extract quantitative information from optically-sectioned DIC microscope images.(More)
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