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BACKGROUND Locking plate constructs for proximal humeral fractures can fail due to varus collapse, especially in osteoporotic bone with medial cortex comminution. Augmentation, using a fibular allograft as an intramedullary bone peg, may strengthen fixation preventing varus collapse. This study investigated the ability of the augmented locking plate(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the advent of locking plate techniques, proximal humeral fracture fixation can fail due to varus collapse, especially in osteoporotic bone with medial cortex comminution. This study investigated the effect of restoring the integrity of the medial column by fracture impaction and shaft medialization with locking plate fixation. This(More)
The bamboo fiber and PVC foam sheet composites were developed via hot compression molding process. Different percentages (0%, 5%, 8%, 12% and 15%) of bamboo fibers were introduced into the PVC foam sheets. Various physical and mechanical properties of the composites have been investigated. Bulk density decreases with the increase of percentage of fibers(More)
This study was designed to explore sources of funds for health expenditure of patients if they are hospitalized. We have included 379 patients of 3 private and 7 public hospitals to estimate total expenditure. Of them, 229 (60.4%) were from public and 150 (39.6%) from private hospitals. Mean expenditure was Tk 60,613.3 and 8,262.7, and duration of hospital(More)
Effect of salinity on sprouting water uptake, ion uptake and metabolic efficiency of wheat seeds in the variety kanchan were studied in Jaydebpur. The treatments were 0, 4, 8, 12 and 16dS salinity level. The experiment was set in CRD with four replications. There were 50 seeds per petridish. Seeds were moistened with saline solution. Germination was(More)
The per cent germination, number of millable cane and yield of canes in the inoculated plots decreased by 18.25, 15.19 and 6.23% respectively as compared to healthy plots. The varieties also differed significantly among themselves in respect of all observed parameters. Isd 34 performed better than other tested varieties when healthy setts were used. On the(More)
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